What to Expect in the Signage Process: A Step-By-Step Guide for Business Owners

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Signage is an integral part of any small business. Studies show that 85% of a business’ customer base could live within 5 miles of the business property. To fully take advantage of these statistics, appropriate signage is a must. It is not only important to make customers aware of the business presence, but to also get customers through the doors. If your business is ready to take that vital step toward increasing sales, here is a step-by-step guide for understanding what goes into this part of the advertising process.

Where it all begins

Step 1: The Appointment. What is the key to great signage for any business? Start somewhere! It all starts by calling the sign company and making an appointment for a representative to see the business property and signage location. This call is also the perfect time to discuss types of signage and any initial ideas. A representative should take measurements of any doors or windows that may be involved in the signage package along with photographs of the building. These photos are later used for a mock-up showing exactly what to expect in the final product.

Step 2: The Design. It is key to note that all signage is not permitted in every area by the city. There may be height or size restrictions to signage. The signage team should do research to find out what type of sign is allowed at the project site. If artwork is pre-determined by the business owner, the design is now sent to the signage company. The signage company designers then create a mock-up of the sign for final approval. When the vision has been realized, a final drawing is sent to the business owner for approval to begin fabrication.

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Concepts Become Reality

Step 3: The Permits. Permitting is a key part of the exterior signage process that many business owners forget about. The signage company is at the mercy of the city for approval on the type of signage that gets installed. If the business owner has approved the design, the accompanying permitting paperwork is submitted for city approval. Timelines on approval are never exact, therefore starting the signage process well before an expected opening is imperative.

Step 4: The Fabrication. Once permitting has been approved, the project moves to the fabrication shop. At Meyer Architectural Signs & Graphics, all of our signage is made in-house. Complete control over the fabrication process can allow us to make up for time lost in permitting.

Step 5: The Install. On installation day, licensed installers arrive with their equipment and install the sign or signage package. Exterior installations usually involve the use of a crane, however installation crews should do their best to avoid high traffic times for the business.

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Final Thoughts

Remember that while signage is key advertising, it is also a piece of art that represents your brand. Signage is never as intimidating as it seems and at Meyer ASG, we try our best to make the process as painless as possible. Are you ready to get started and attract that 85%? Give us a call today. 503-746-6613